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This is part lecture, part group discussion and I encourage participation.  Ask questions, add content, have fun.
Let’s dive in…

Writing Process

Idea Management

  • Write it down
  • Carve out a few minutes to brainstorm ideas
  • Make a game of mashing up various themes

To Outline or not to Outline

  • Personal preference

Vomit draft

  • Do not edit until you type “the end”

Time management

  • Some writers adhere to strict times or word counts per day
  • For me, I’m forgiving and lenient on schedule
  • I try to write 3 days a week until I can write full time

Imagination vs Research

  • Based on subject matter
  • Story dictates everything
  • Some authors spend months, others spend an hour

Paths for Publishing

Options in today’s world


  • Perhaps the most important aspect to your novel
  • My editor is offering a 20% discount with the mention of this workshop

Book Cover design

  • A killer cover can make or break a novel’s sales
  • Talented designer is offering his cover design service at a 20% discount with the mention of this workshop

Audio book

  • A vital medium to showcase your book
  • Audible streamlines the process with
  • Thousands of great narrators available
  • Royalty Share or Pay for Production
  • Talented narrator is offering his services at a 20% discount with the mention of this workshop

 Marketing Full Throttle

Start before publication

  • Writers need to start marketing themselves and their work at least 6 months prior to release
  • Ask friends and family for support.  People who care about you will be eager to help
  • Appropriately approach co-workers

Business cards, Postcards, QR code


Press Releases


  • Highly valued in today’s world
  • Google Contests for Novels or variants to get a list of results


  • Create a 3D table to draw attention
  • Banner
  • Signage
  • Lights
  • Video
  • Swag (bags, shirts stickers, bookmarks, etc)
  • Get an online payment account

Careful which events to book

  • Seek similar themes
  • Look where there’s less competition
  • Exam past attendance
  • Be wary of costs

Event Etiquette

  • Be friendly, engaging
  • Never be pushy
  • Stand as much as possible

FB, Twitter, Amazon ads (target niche audience)

  • Old method was to target wide audiences
  • Now niche audience targeting is effective
  • Trial and error until your ad rocks
  • Facebook was effective for me
  • Twitter was not so effective
  • Amazon ads have been most effective
  • Be aware of costs per click, keep your budget affordable


  • Create a business acct to unlock analytics
  • Post often and use hashtags (see below)

Social Media savvy

  • Take time to get comfortable
  • I spend 1-3 hours per day marketing when being aggressive
  • I reduce the time to 1 hour every other day when balancing a writing project

Hashtags (#)

  • Themes and topics you want your book associated with
  • Twitter- limited amount
  • Instagram- unlimited amount
  • Facebook- only effective on Public posts

Building a community online

  • Engage with your growing audience
  • Discussion topics
  • Polls
  • Funny memes & gifs
  • Updates on your work in progress

Networking events/Building relationships

  • Online groups, local
  • Etiquette
  • Be yourself
  • Be open and meet everyone
  • Fake it til you make it
  • Do not sell your book
  • Ask questions, people like to talk about themselves
  • Go to as many as you can, it gets easier the more you do it

Be creative in outlet choices

  • Think beyond ads and conventions
  • Examples:
  •                Book a spot at a foodie event
  •                Create a charity event
  •                Advertise in unusual, but topic-adjacent publications
  •                Host a bar trivia night, with your book on display
  •                Book radio ads
  •                Billboard ads

Book trailer

  • Important facet in your arsenal
  • Keep as close to 1 minute as possible, anything more people lose interest
  • Hire a firm/artist
  • DIY with Windows Movie Maker or iMovie
  • Google royalty free stock photos, videos, music

Book a Cameo celebrity endorsement (

  • Some celebs won’t do promos
  • Be mindful of costs
  • Video is yours to do with as you please

Final thoughts

This list is just the beginning.  Always be open to trying new methods for writing, for publication, and for marketing.  Seek out connection and build those relationships.  This path is difficult, but made so much better with support along the way.

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