"So original, so gripping. An every age thriller with the perfect balance of Sci Fi horror and human philosophy. Loved it!" – Sheila Shedd, editor at Swift Creative


Quarterfinalist 2016 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest

Quarterfinalist 2015 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

Quarterfinalist 2014 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest

"It's so refreshing to see such a unique idea come to life.  An excellent marriage of magic and technology, mixed with great dialog and characters.  Cannot wait to get a copy in my hands!" - J.M. VerHelst,  author of Rasputin and the Reliquary of Merlin

"Mechcraft is a fresh and inspired take on the Mech sci-fi genre. Throw human evolution, genetic editing, the singularity, and nanotechnology into a supersonic blender, add a bunch of gunpowder, strap in, and ignite." - Tal Klein, author of The Punch Escrow


“A wonderfully imaginative sci-fi with the stylings of fantasy.  Great characters and a great read.” TCC Edwards, author of Far Flung