Mechcraft is just the beginning...

Jake's journey continues in Mechcraft: Harbinger and
concludes in Mechcraft: Cataclysm.

But the Mechcraft Universe expands beyond Jake and his toils. 

Another trilogy is coming revolving around the beginnings of the world-changing nanotechnology, Jake's parent's experiments, and the fracturing of the scientists to form the opposing factions.

There is also a graphic novel mapped out focusing on an elite group of agents on a deadly mission that goes horribly wrong.

But wait- there's more!  One of my main goals is to see Mechcraft on the big screen.  I'll be fleshing out the screenplays for the trilogy as well.

Additionally, I believe these characters and new stories beg to be a series on TV.  Hello, Netflix?

And finally, once Mechcraft is in the social zeitgeist, I can see video games and apps to further expand the stories.

Stay tuned, Mechcrafters, I hope to bring you big things!